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Battery Booster

BYD HVM 2.76 16.56kWh Battery

BYD HVM 2.76 16.56kWh Battery

The BYD Battery-Box Premium is a highly efficient and reliable energy storage solution offered by BYD, a leading global manufacturer of batteries and electric vehicles. With its advanced technology and features, the Battery-Box Premium provides numerous benefits for residential and commercial users.

One of the key benefits of the BYD Battery-Box Premium is its high voltage module (HVM 2.76), which allows for greater energy storage capacity in a compact design. This means that users can store more energy in a smaller space, making it ideal for installations where space is limited. The HVM 2.76 also enables faster charging and discharging, ensuring that the battery can quickly respond to changing energy demands.

Ian's honest review

BYD batteries are well made from a large diversified leader in battery technology. Compatible with both the Fronius Gen 24 and the General Electric GEH models the BYD is on of the best battery options available. If you're looking for quality, the additional price of a BYD battery is worth the long term investment.



 Capacity options 7.7 kWh, 10.2 kWh, 12.8 kWh
Power rating
Warranty 10 years


Prices are indicative only and include a basic installation next to a compliant meterboard and within the Australian Standards for home batteries. All prices are subject to an online discussion and if needed a site inspection. 

Additions such as emergency blackout protection, more solar panels, meterboard/circuitboard upgrades, fire proofing backing and government compliance requirements. 

We can provide exact prices once we have a discussion with you about your needs and your home.

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