The first electric Porsche 356 replica in Australia

Made from repurposed materials.

  • Body

    1964 VW Beetle Shortened Chasis, wheels and gearbox

  • Batteries

    5 x tesla 5.3 KWh modules from a Tesla Model 2

  • Motor

    Traction Motor Hyper 9 100V 120hp 235Nm

  • Operation

    Thunderstruck Battery management System.

  • Charger

    Stealth EV Three Phase charger

  • Total weight


  • Horse power


  • Torque

    230 NM

  • Range


  • Kit Car

    Bodywork, interior and project management

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  • Electrogusto

    Electric conversion, fabrication and design of components

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More than a solar company

At UV Power, we're not just chasing the sun – we're harnessing its power to amp up over 4000 homes and vehicles across South East Queensland since 2009.

Our EVs have been soaking up 95% of their energy straight from rooftop solar panels for the past 7 years.

Update your system

We believe that our houses and cars can be powered by rooftop solar reducing our reliance on the grid and the burning of coal. Our aim is for zero emission homes and transport.

The Porsche 356 was commissioned by us. We've merged the timeless vibes of the 1950s with the latest electric vehicle tech because who says saving the planet can't come with a dash of style?

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